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Winner's Choice Feeds

Winner's Choice feeds offer quality at a reasonable price. They are balanced to meet the needs of mature horses. They are good base rations for any feeding program. Our primary focus in our feeds is consistent quality. We want you to feel that every bag of Winner's Choice will be exactly like the one before. To insure this, we use only the highest quality ingredients.


Oats: We use western or Scandivavian oats. Since local oats vary so much, they are rarely used in our feed. Only when their quality is equal to or better than western oats are local oats included.

Barley: Barley is an excellent grain to use in horse feed. A small and hard grain, it provides protein similar to oats (about 11%) and a much higher energy level (1400+, compared to 1100 Kcal/lb for oats).

Corn: One of the best sources of energy, corn yields around 1700+ Kcal/lb.

Trace Minerals and Vitamins: Our feeds are balanced for mature horses, this includes vitamins and trace minerals. If you want added assurance, provide free choice trace mineral salt for your animals.

Horse Feeds

Winner's Choice 3009C. Protein 9.0% C. Fat 3.0% C. Fiber 9.0%
This is a maintenance horse feed with corn. It is higher in energy than any of our maintenance feeds, due to the amount of corn in the ration. The amount of protein, 9%, is more than enough for mature horses.

Winner's Choice 3010C. Protein 10.0% C. Fat 3.0% C. Fiber 11.0%
This is a maintenance horse feed without corn, comprised mainly of oats and barley. We add the barley to increase the energy in the feed. If you are concerned with feeding corn this will make an excellent, maintenance feed for you.

Winner's Choice 3011C. Protein 11.0% C. Fat 3.0% C. Fiber 9.0%
We realize that a few of you would like to give your horses a boost to aid in growth and muscle development so this feed is very similar to 3009 only it has more protein. We sacrifice some energy due to a decrease of corn in the ration. It still has sufficient energy for medium level work but gives more protein for younger horses.

Winner's Choice 3012C. Protein 12.0% C. Fat 3.0% C. Fiber 9.0%
For those who want more protein but want to stick with a no corn ration this is an excellent choice. Like in 3010 we add some barley to raise the energy. 3012 has a high enough protein level to feed young horses that are near the end of their growth.

Performance Feeds

For breeding animals and those in heavy work situations we have developed two feeds. We increased their energy levels by adding fat to the ration. Studies have shown that adding fat to the diet of horses has enhanced performance, improved hair coats and increased stamina. To add fat we use peanut and corn oil because it is stable and doesn't have the palatability problems of animal fat.

FrontrunnerC. Protein 10.0% C. Fat 5.0% C. Fiber 7.0%
This is our lower fat content performance feed. The fat runs at 5% of the total ration. This feed will help brighten hair coats while not having quit as much energy. An ideal feed for broodmares and show horses with moderate to heavy work schedules.

Frontrunner PlusC. Protein 14.0% C. Fat 8.0% C. Fiber 7.0%
To fill the needs of late gestation broodmares and those horses in heavy work situations i.e. barrel, race horses, etc. We put together a feed that will provide a large amount of energy. We increased the protein to maintain a balance of macronutrients. This feed differs substantially from other rations so care must be taken with diet changes involving it. The high percentage of fat will also change the appearance of the feed causing streaking on the bag. This feed must be kept fresh so buy no more than a 2 week supply at a time.